Scholarship committee member Barb Cornibe, honoree Sneha Srinivasan, scholarship committee member Joyceann Ditka, honoree Teresa Curry, honoree Bret Serbin, honoree Rebecca Beacham, scholarship winner John Barczynski, scholarship chairperson Peggy Amatangelo, scholarship committee person Jennifer Rapach, McCandless Chair Jack GoodrichThe McCandless Democratic Committee presented a $1,000.00 scholarship to John Barczynski at a special celebratory meeting, Tuesday June 3th, 2014 at the McCandless Town Hall.

The scholarship was presented to John Barczynski by his Latin teacher, Melody Hannegan. John, a member of the National Honor Society, has been very active in numerous academic organizations and has represented North Allegheny on several competitive academic teams. Also, he sings in his church and high school choirs and is a lifeguard at the Baierl YMCA. When asked what democratic platform best represents his personal ideals and values, John chose “ensuring safety and quality of life” because of its focus on “service, volunteerism, and the support of the environment.” As an Eagle Scout, John organized and led an Invasive Species Removal at Johnny Appleseed Orchard as well as an Ash Tree Location project. In addition, he has designed and created a Rain Garden at the Latodami Nature Center at North Park. According to the Rain Garden Alliance, over 1,750 gallons of water, which would have run-off and become a source of pollution, have been captured in the garden within the past year. John has demonstrated his leadership skills and commitment as a volunteer and environmentalist through these projects.

In the fall, John will be attending Schreyers Honors College at Penn State University.

This is the 9th annual McCandless Democratic Committee Scholarship. The committee awards a scholarship each year to a North Allegheny senior who exemplifies the values of hard work and civic duty. Applicants are judged on their grades and test scores, and an essay on one issue from the platform of the Democratic Party. The Committee emphasizes the students’ commitment to and participation in service and civic life

We also presented honorariums to five outstanding seniors:

Rebecca Beacham
Teresa Curry
Megan DeArmit
Bret Serbin
Sneha Srinivasan

Thank you for your interest in our scholarship. We wish all of North Allegheny's Seniors success in their future endeavors.

We are also honored to have last year's winner, Connor Phillips, come back to update us on his college experience.

We would like to thank the following donors:

Vince & Peggy Amatangelo
Gina Antekis
Rick & Diane Cebulski
Jean Cebulski
Frank Cooper
Joyceann Ditka
Nicole Frost
Donald & Kathryn Green
James Harpur
Mark & Noreen Karloski
Dr. Arnold & Nora Peace
Jennifer & Michael Rapach
Rich Schubert
Dave & Pat Sobien
William Tjader
Western PA Laborers'
Joy Maxberry Woodruff

The Scholarship Committee
Peggy Amatangelo, Chairperson
Barb Cornibe
Joyceann Ditka
Jennifer Rapach