About Us

In today's environment of partisan politics, you may ask, "Why get involved in a political party?" All we need to do is look at our children and our grandchildren to get the answer. We are not just involved for ourselves, but to make the world a better place for future generations.

The local political committee is where the political process really starts. Through our work in our communities, we exchange information and get your feedback about the issues, ideas, values and beliefs that all of us have in McCandless and the rest of the North Hills. We can then communicate your feedback up to the county, state and finally national levels of the Democratic Party.

We then keep you informed about issues facing our region and how our candidates plan to address them.Jason Altmire chats with someone at the picnic. We have sponsored numerous "Meet the Candidates" events that have allowed everyone in our area to meet and talk to various candidates in an intimate setting. Candidates and public officials also regularly attend our meetings, and events such as our annual spaghetti dinner.

The entire process does not work if we do not hear from you. Please sign up for our newsletter, or just drop us a note about something that concerns you by contacting us. We would love to hear from you!

Our members come from various ethnic, racial, religious and professional backgrounds. We represent a variety of ages, experiences and interests. Our members include school teachers, retirees, engineers and attorneys.